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Carmel Spanish Guitar for Weddings and Events

Outstanding Spanish Guitar Music

Trio Paz Live!

Trio Paz embodies the essence of what is great about live music"

Trio Paz is an infectious musical mix of Flamenco Rumba, Latin, and Brazilian, intricately and virtuosically crafted into the perfect blend of delicious moods for your event. Whether you're planning the perfect romantic moment, a joyous festival celebration, or a sumptuous feast, Trio Paz adds an unparalleled latin flair. Trio Paz's experience, depth, professionalism, and sheer love for music translate into an unforgettably enjoyable experience for everyone.

"Guitarist Daniel Fríes provides the bands flawless rhythm, setting up fellow guitarist JP Boungiorno's impressive leads and sweet mellodies.  All to the while, percussionist Surya Patri lays down masterful beats with a playful tempo that gets your feet moving and won't let them stop. Whether your dancing or watching, Trio Paz keeps it exciting and fun (If you're watching then I would like to see a note from your doctor).  They have an engaging and lighthearted stage presence that embodies the essence of what is great about live music." -Chad Markell, a satisfied Groom.

from Yelp:


We were excited to have Daniel and his trio play for our wedding, but the actual experience BLEW US AWAY on every level:

1. Overall quality: We wanted great music that was fun and different, and Flamenco seemed like it could bring a wonderful spirit. I'd heard great things about these guys, and of course we listened to their clips, but the live experience was better than we could have imagined. It created a wonderful background spirit for the party, but I and many other guests found ourselves pausing occasionally in the middle of a conversation to tune into the fact these guys are take-your-breath-away, tingles-on-the-back-of-your-neck good.

2. Reading the crowd: One things we had heard about these guys is that they are amazingly attuned to what is going on with a crowd and know how to complement rather than overshadow the event. And, wow, are they good at it! For example, they were up on a deck above us when my bride and I arrived, and some friends talked us into doing a tango on the street. They got wind of what we were up to and were playing a tango. When we were talking at dinner, their music was not overpowering and created the perfect background to conversation. When the crowd was getting more energized, they ran with it. It was like they were one with the pulse of the group.

3. These guys could get a guy in a coma to dance: One of our biggest fears was that our straight-laced family and friends would not be up for dancing to unfamiliar music. Maybe we should stick with something everyone knows? Were we wrong!!! People couldn't get on the dance floor fast enough! They were dancing between courses -- two-year-olds, eighty-year-olds, and everybody in between.

Bottom line: Our wedding exceeded our expectations, and these guys were a big part of why. Hope you have the chance to have the same experience!

One other point about working with these guys:
They are responsible, reliable professionals. Organizing and pulling this off with them was absolutely seamless.

Let Trio Paz help make your event a success!